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Supplements for animals - Calcium, Glucozamin, B-complex, Probiotics...

Supplements for animals produced by Interagrar doo are intended for the proper growth and development of all domestic animals. We can recomend our supplements for dogs and supplements for cats that contain all the necessary microelements for maintaining healthy and proper development of all organ systems. It is known that dog and cat food, as well as food of other domestic animals, lack a lot of vitamins and minerals of animal origin. Interagrar doo has developed formulas for the production of supplements for animals, in order to compensate for these shortcomings. Interagrar doo strives to the most efficient and high-quality production of supplements for animals that are most needed.

At Interagrar doo, we take into account the needs of all categories of customers, ie pet owners and breeders of domestic animals. Our aspiration is to offer the highest quality supplements for animals, which include various vitamin-mineral supplements for elimination of deficiencies, probiotics for animals and other food additives. Our commitment puts us in a very high position in the market of Serbia and the region.

If you want to improve animal breeding and avoid complications in their growth and development, animal supplements produced by Interagrar doo may be the right solution. Also, Interagrar doo offers only the best for your pets, whether it is supplements for dogs, cat food supplements or special supplements for pigeons.

Expert teams in Interagrar doo constantly monitor the latest achievements and research in the field of animal health and care, so they focus their work on the production of even better supplements and solutions.