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Calcium for dogs - Cal De Phos

Calcium for dogs - Cal De Phos
Calcium for dogs - Cal De Phos

Packaging: 30 tablets and 60 tablets

Cal De Phos is a high quality calcium supplement for dogs. Cal-De-Phos tablets consist of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and with the help of vitamin D3, increase the level of calcium in the blood. In the body they work together in order to help it properly form the structure of the skeletal system. Deficiency or surplus of one of these components can lead to skeletal development problems in puppies and young dogs.

Although Cal De Phos is recommended for all breeds of dogs, there are breeds for which additional calcium intake is mandatory. Some of these breeds are: Cane Corso, Great Dane, American Stafford, Great Dane, Doberman, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Asian, Bernardine, Sharplaninac, Bull Terrier, Boxer, Akita, Labrador… and all other medium, large and heavy dogs.

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Did you know that calcium is a MANDATORY dietary supplement for all puppies and young dogs aged 1 to 12 months. This is especially true for dogs of giant and middle breeds! In puppies and young dogs, the part of the bones that will have the purpose of a storage for calcium has not been built yet, so they need a relatively large amount of calcium and other minerals every day. Due to the slower bone growth, small breeds of dogs have much wider calcium limits in their diet, unlike large breeds of dogs.

In order to prevent the curvature of the legs in dogs and the deformation of the skeletal system, it is strongly recommended that the regular diet be enriched with an additional intake of calcium on a daily basis. In large breeds of dogs and dogs that grow rapidly, the need for additional calcium is much higher.

It is very important that calcium and phosphorus in the diet are present in the correct ratio (Ca: P = 1:1 to 2:1). It is impossible to reach the optimal ratio of these minerals and the recommended amount of calcium through a normal diet. That is why Cal De Phos is an ideally balanced calcium supplement. It contains the optimal ratio of all the necessary elements. It is produced in two different packs of 30 and 60 tablets, depending on whether it is given to small, medium or giant breeds. The difference is in the size of the tablet and the amount of calcium in one tablet.



100 g

1 tbl. 750 mg (pack. of 60 tablets)

1 tbl. 2200 mg (pack. of 30 tablets)


18000 mg

135 mg

400 mg


6000 mg

45 mg

132 mg


5600 mg

42 mg

123 mg

Vitamin D3

100.000 i.j.

750 i.j.

2200 i.j.

For a pack of 30 tablets 1 tablet per 15 kg of body weight once a day, for a pack of 60 tablets 2 tablets per 10 kg of body weight once a day.


After the end of development of the skeletal system in the period after the 1st year, it is necessary to stop the addition of mineral supplements because too much calcium can be deposited in the bones, where it can cause various disturbances in normal development.

Bone maturation can be impaired and diseases such as osteochondrosis and dysplasia can occur. In addition, it can cause irregularities in the development of various cartilaginous parts, which is expressed in the form of curvature and rotation of the front legs.