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About us

Interagrar doo is a company that has been successfully producing supplements (vitamin-mineral supplements) for animals for 30 years. We produce animal supplements in accordance with the HCCP system, and the company's certification was performed by the esteemed certification company TÜV BAYERN SAVA-GERMANY.

HCCP sertifikat Interagrar doo


What are premixes and vitamin-mineral supplements for animals and why are they needed?

The requirements of modern domestic animal breeding are high production with minimal production costs. In order to achieve that, in addition to quality food, it is necessary to use certain supplements, ie vitamin-mineral mixtures as a dietary supplements.

It is also important to adjust the diet to the species and category of animals in terms of quantity and quality. The diet consists mainly of low-protein nutrients of plant origin (granular nutrients) and voluminous nutrients (haylage, grass and corn silage), while animal proteins are little represented in the diet. In addition to a low percentage of protein and a very poor amino acid composition (smaller amounts of essential amino acids), vitamins and minerals are very often missing. Knowledge of the way of feeding and raising domestic animals today, has led to the need to partially change the conventional approach to the production of vitamin and mineral supplements as elements of proper and quality nutrition.

Vitamins are complex organic compounds, physiologically active, which regulate the metabolism of substances in the body. The body does not synthesize them or synthesizes them in insufficient quantities, which requires their compensation through food or the use of vitamin supplements. Each individual vitamin in the body has its own special role, which cannot be supplemented by any other element.

Minerals and their inorganic compounds have no energy value for the organism, but they are important as a building block in various activities and biological systems. Minerals perform many vital functions in the body: growth, skeletal development, reproduction, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. They are part of the blood and physiologically active substances (enzymes, hormones and vitamins). The lack of mineral elements must be compensated by using appropriate mineral supplements. Interagrar doo offers mineral supplements for pets, domestic animals and poultry.

Based on the characteristics of vitamins and minerals, as well as their role in the proper growth and development of animals, it is clear that the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals must be present in the diet. Vitamin and mineral supplements that Interagrar doo offers, are the solution for all breeders of domestic animals. Proper concentration and presence of each of the important vitamins and minerals in our supplements can be exactly what will improve the health and positively affect the breeding of animals. Growers often ask us what is best for their business, and the answer is simple. Both effort and financial resources must be invested in the proper breeding of animals, which can be easily returned through their healthier and faster growth.

Vitamin-mineral supplements for animal nutrition, produced by Interagrar doo will bring you benefits in every way. By raising the immune system of animals, strengthening their body and encouraging proper development, you are actually working seriously on the prevention of many diseases and thus protect animals and prevent their stagnation due to disease, and especially affect the number of possible deaths (especially in poultry farms).

Our vitamin-mineral supplements for animals are completely safe if you follow the instructions on how to use. For each of the vitamin-mineral supplements, there are certain rules that you must follow in order to maximize the effects and safety of animals.